What our clients say

Craig Finn

The Hold Steady/Lifter Puller/solo singer-songwriter

"Juicebox Industries has been immensely helpful in creating a social media presence for The Hold Steady and myself as a solo artist. Brendan helps us reach the fans with timely and appropriate information. He comes up with cool ideas to engage the audience and executes them quickly and accurately.  Most importantly, Juicebox uses social media to create a community around the music, which is extremely important in this day and age."

Spencer Breslin

Broken Machine guitarist-songwriter/actor

"Brendan Hilliard wrote my band Broken Machine's bio which went on our website, and other promotional outlets, in addition to doing social media work for us. He's professional, speedy, and genuinely loves music. Brendan worked with us to make sure that everything he did reflected our group's style and personality. I'd encourage new acts and established groups alike to take advantage of his services."